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Hockey Stick Weight

Hockey Stick Weight
Hockey Stick Weight
Brand: A&R
Product Code: AR-SW
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Price: $19.99 CAD
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The A&R 16oz Hockey Stick Weight is your ideal strength training tool that will increase your shot velocity and help you develop stronger and faster hands. The extra weight is significant, which helps you develop extra strength so when it comes to game time you'll be firing harder shots and be stronger on the puck. This 16oz attachment wraps around the hosel of your stick with Velcro and includes two foam pads that sit on the shaft to help dampen vibrations when you're shooting or stick handling. This can be used on or off the ice and will not damage your stick so you can use it with your best twig for the best translation. This weight can fit on junior, intermediate and senior sticks.
16oz weight.
Velcro attachment.
Foam padding for dampening vibrations.
Fits on JR, INT and SR sticks.
Develops harder shots and quicker, stronger hands.

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