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SwetGard for Hockey Helmets and Goalie Masks (2 PACK)

SwetGard for Hockey Helmets and Goalie Masks (2 PACK)
Brand: API Hockey PROS
Product Code: SG
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We are the only manufacturer and distributor of this fantastic product. Get yours today!
Comes with (5) Velcro Coins and alcohol swab.
Get rid of those goofy looking bandanas, do-rags and skull caps!!
SwetGard (Sweat Guards) blocks, channels and absorbs sweat before it drips into the players eyes or face and keeps fog and moisture off the visor or shield.
SwetGard (Sweat Guards) does not compromise helmet fit or comfort like do-rags, skull caps and bandanas and you won't have a soggy piece of cloth on top of your head!
Easy to attach with Velcro Coins.
Made of highly absorbent cotton fabric.
Channels sweat away from the face.
Removable for quick changes.
Reusable, washable and inexpensive.
Perfect for users of face shields and visors.

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