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The Attack Triangle Professional (2 Pack)

The Attack Triangle Professional (2 Pack)
The Attack Triangle Professional (2 Pack) The Attack Triangle Professional (2 Pack)
Brand: 360 Athletics
Product Code: Attack Triangle
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The Attack Triangle PRO-2 Pack is one of the best training devices to develop stickhandling, moving the puck around a defending opponent's skates and creating great scoring opportunities in game like situations. The Attack Triangle forces players to develop their puck skills in tight areas and improves their stickhandling ability. This package includes 2 Attack Triangle PRO.
Product features:
The interactive Attack Triangle is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick.
With the open "lane" between the simulated skates and extending stick, the Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills, stickhandling ability and an understanding of passing lanes.
By using the Attack Triangle at home or in replacement of ordinary cones at practice, players naturally start working on more creative "moves".
In addition to providing more interaction than cones during practice on ice, the Attack triangle comes equipped with mooring pins which virtually eliminate sliding.
The Professional Attack Triangles come with extra cleats (spikes) under the legs and stick to hold better on the ice. They also come with 2 fasteners to attach the legs that hold it together that the basic single units don't have which keep the Attack Triangle from coming apart.
Attack Triangle Testimonials:
"Having a nationally televised Power Skating and Hockey training show, "Hockey Academy", and a highly sought after International Power Skating and Hockey School in 5 countries , I am somewhat skeptical of new gimmicky products. The ATTACK TRIANGLE, however, is an exceptional product that I use in all my schools worldwide and on my television show. It will help absolutely everyone that uses it regardless of age or skill level. My NHL clients enjoy training with them just as much as my younger players. It is the next generation of on/off ice training obstacle that is a absolute necessity for all players, coaches and parents . You can catch me on Hockey Academy presented by the NHL and CHA weekly on the NHL Network. Check your local Canadian cable provider for times in your area."
Steve Serdachny, Power Skating International
"Using the Attack Triangle is great because it really simulates game situations and the kids can better understand why they need to skate hard in the drills. Their intensity is much higher and you can see they are really working harder and becoming much more creative with it. We will be using it from now on ."
Robby Glantz International Power Skating
"Not only do I bring my own Attack Triangles to the camps I teach throughout the country. I also recommend that the programs and players I work with get them as soon as they can because of the advantages it gives the players who use it over those who don't period. "
Peter Dale, USA Clinics
"The Attack Triangle was an instant hit with all of our kids. We would highly recommend this product to any ice or inline player from mite to college. Our staff of professional, college, and high school players have also found the product to be both challenging and fun."
Todd Drevitch, Hockey Techniques Schools

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