Grip-It 3 Pack

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Grip-It 3 Pack

Grip-It 3 Pack
Brand: Sidelines
Product Code: Grip It
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Introducing Grip-It. Just slide it on and tape.
Players and parents have been making a taped grip for their hockey stick for as long as we can remember. You pull out a long strip of hockey tape and spin it into a "rope". You than wind it around the stick to create a home-made grip.
There had to be a better way. After experiments with several different ideas, Grip-It was invented. Easy to use and a perfect grip every time.
Grip-It allows players, trainers or parents to adjust the finger spacing accurately and evenly. Grip-It gives you a smooth hard gripping ridge that does not deteriorate over time. Grip-It gives you a great looking grip with a great feel!
Grip-It gives you an easy to apply perfect grip.
Enough Grip-It for 3 hockey sticks.
Senior Grip-It fits senior hockey sticks.
Junior Grip-It fits junior hockey sticks.

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