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Hockey Sticks

Hockey Sticks
Which stick is right for me?
There are many features and options to consider when you're purchasing a hockey stick, such as the construction material, blade pattern, flex, length and shaft finish. Each of these specifications makes a hockey stick unique and enables you to find the perfect hockey stick for you. The price range for a hockey stick ranges from about $30 to $275. One of the biggest misconceptions is thinking that; "if it costs more, it must be better for me". This is sometimes true but mostly false. Wood hockey sticks are the most affordable option but they offer less performance benefits than composite hockey sticks and shafts. In the end, the type of hockey stick you choose to play with is solely based on personal preference.
What flex is right for me?
Ideally, the flex should be approximately one half of your body weight. Players over 150 pounds should use a stick with at least 75 flex. Obviously, this is just a guideline and your own comfort and ability to use the stick effectively should dictate the flex you use. Players with above average strength for their size should consider a stiffer stick while new players may want to go down a level. An average flex is 85.
What do I need for my stick?
Once you have purchased your hockey stick, it is an important to prepare and protect your stick for game use. cloth hockey stick tape, hockey stick wax, extensions and other items that will keep your hockey stick in great shape. Check out our assortment of Hockey Stick Accessories.

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