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Ken Danby Open Edition Print - At the Crease

Ken Danby Open Edition Print - At the Crease
Brand: Ken Danby Studios
Product Code: Goalie Art
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Since its creation in 1972, At the Crease has become one of hockey's most recognizable images, appearing frequently in books, newspapers, magazines, and occasionally in TV programs and Hollywood movies. Columbo's Book of Canada has identified At the Crease as "a Canadian icon," but the significance of the image is not restricted to Canada. When the original painting toured the U.S. in 1981, beginning at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, Danby was a special guest of President Ronald Reagan at the White House.
Artist's Comments The idea for this painting resulted from my return to playing recreational hockey, after not doing so for a few years in the mid sixties. During that time away from the game, the mask had become a part of the goalie's equipment.
After an afternoon's scrimmage on the river ice, I kept recalling my experience of being confronted by the young netminder wearing a mask. It was an image that gradually intensified in my mind over the following three years until I finally had to explore it, and recruited a goalie to pose. The painting was never intended to represent a particular player but simply the personification of a goalie. Makes a beautiful gift!
Image Size: 18 1/2" x 26 1/4"
Paper Size: 22" x 29"

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