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Goalie Hockey Sticks

Goalie Hockey Sticks
When purchasing goalie sticks, there are a few variables to consider. It's important to choose the options that will suit your needs best. Here are some of the goalie stick options that you'll want to take into account when you're making your next purchase at API Hockey PROS.
Choice of Curve
Regular = Stick in RIGHT hand | Catcher on LEFT hand | Blocker on RIGHT hand
Full Right = Stick in LEFT hand | Catcher on RIGHT hand | Blocker on LEFT hand
Paddle Length
The paddle on a goalie stick is the wide portion that starts about halfway down the shaft and continues down toward the blade. The idea here is that the bottom middle of the blade must be flush on the ice once you're in the goalie stance. Paddle lengths vary just a bit from one manufacturer to the next. So, if you're planning to order a goalie stick of a different brand than you typically use, you may notice a slight difference even though the two sticks are labeled with the same length.
Blade Pattern
The blade pattern you choose is a matter of personal preference. You should always try to choose a blade pattern that suits your style of play. If you handle the puck frequently and make lots of passes up ice, you'll probably want a deeper curve with more of an open face angle. This will allow you to get more loft and power on your passes. If you tend to play a more controlled style with less puck handling, a blade with less curve and a more closed or neutral face angle will probably suit you better. Once you've decided on each of these variables, you're ready to order a goalie stick! Many great brands come in and out of inventory such as Graf, Reebok, CCM, Bauer , Warrior, Brians and so on.
What do I need for my stick?
Once you have purchased your hockey stick, it is an important to prepare and protect your stick for game use. cloth hockey stick tape, hockey stick wax, and other items that will keep your hockey stick in great shape. Check out our assortment of Hockey Stick Accessories.


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