About Us

Welcome to API Hockey PROS, your one true hockey sales and discounts store for all your hockey equipment needs. We specialize in all hockey, lacrosse, tennis, squash, pickleball, and ringette gear such as bags, elbow pads, gloves, helmets, hockey jerseys, socks, apparel, pants, shin guards, shoulder pads, skates, sticks, goalie equipment, toys, games, training aids, and much more.

Our Mission is to provide the most innovative products that hockey has to offer. We believe that the best online products should not necessarily be the most expensive ones. So have a look around our store, you'll be glad you did!

We do not claim to be the center of the hockey universe. But, as a relatively new and small company, we will go through great lengths to acquire your business. API Hockey PROS was originally thought of and created by hockey players and parents who were tired of paying ridiculously high prices for higher end hockey equipment due to mark-ups that sometimes climb to 2 to 3 times the products' actual value. Therefor, we analogically studied the market and came to the conclusion that we can offer you not only better service but the same higher end products that other big named retailers showcase but at a much lower cost to you. We do this by actually having most of our manufacturers we retail for ship from their warehouse directly to your door. This eliminates much of the costs involved as we do not have to rely on the middle man ( manufacturers reps, extra shipping charges, etc... ) as other retailers do. We also and most importantly simply do not mark up products to ridiculous profit margins. We are players... we are parents... we are API Hockey PROS!

 Client Testimonials :

"Dear API Hockey PROS,
I would like to add that I have occasionally used on-line retailers, but this was definitely the first time that everything went without any problems whatsoever. The purchase even showed up earlier that expected. 
I would consider you first when making another purchase, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others who are looking to buy hockey equipment, hassle free.
best regards"

Toronto, Ontario

"WOW!! You Guys ROCK!
First, I can't believe how quickly you answered my first email on a Friday night and seccondly: GO figure....the package arrived today!!! I will say that your customer service is about the best I've encountered in my 53 years of life. Please make sure to foward/print this email to you supervisor because you definitely deserve a 'pat on the back.' Thanks again, this package is special to me since my son was once friends with the artist's son and I'm purchasing two accompanying prints to go with the original he received from Mr. Danby. And the third, is a gift for my nephew who is a premier goalie here in the states. Thanks again!"

Terri Anderson
Cadillac, Michigan


"API Hockey PROS,
What can I say except Thank-You for not only superior products, but customer service that is second to none. I have now been purchasing hockey equipment from you for the past year, and every transaction exceeds my expectations. My son Adisen has been outfitted in Trifilar hockey underwear, elbow pads, pants and Flite skates from your company, and I can honestly say that it's your genuine regard for your customers that keeps me coming back. Adisen, now 4 years old has many more years of API Hockey ahead of him. 
Thanks again, you've got a customer for life!"

John Brueck
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Dear API Hockey PROS. 
Just thought you'd like to know the 777 Flite wood sticks arrived this week in perfect condition. I've been shooting on empty coolant cans and stickhandling in the bays at our motorpool between jobs. Not as sharp as I used to be, but I'm still enjoying it immensely. 

Brian Clark"
Illinois, USA


"Dear API Hockey PROS,,
Thank you API Hockey for your prompt service and unbeatable pricing, but most of all for taking the time to clarify equipment sizing. Your customer service is truly second to none. My son is the envy of all his teammates and friends.
A very satisfied customer,

Tanya Rogers"
New Jersey, USA

"To API Hockey PROS,,
I tried on my new Flite Elite Skates as they came in the mail. All I can say is WOW! Perfect fit! And the comfort is remarkable not to mention the look. Thank you for making such a good skate available at such a low cost. I will definitely be buying all my hockey equipment from you from now on.
Thanks again Marco,

Mark Thompson"
Alberta, Canada

"These guys have provided service like no other can compare! Not only have they provided me outstanding service and understandability, and of course..patience, they has also given unbeatable prices, worldwide. It would be a shame for any buyer of hockey equipment not to accidently' bump into API Hockey PROS and get awesome prices and deals! The products are great, the people are great, what more do you want! It's about time to find a group living up to the mission policies!
Thank you so much, and keep up the outstanding work

Justin Thé"
Sydney, Australia


"Dear API Hockey PROS, 
A while back I ordered the API ( Ankle Protective Skate Inserts ) through your site. I called and talked to someone about them, just getting general info. The gentleman asked if I would get back to him and let him know how I liked them. I've been meaning to do that for some time now. These things are the single best investment I have ever made out of all my hockey equipment. They completely eliminated my extreme lace bite almost immediately. I can now play the best game in the world pain free, at least in my ankles. I'd be happy to help in any way if you need it, concerning these inserts. 
Thanks again,

Ricky Longtin"
Kankakee, Illinois, USA


"Dear API Hockey PROS Staff, 
I`ve just received your post. Thank you very much for your buisiness. Everything is O.K., and I`m very happy.
Thank you again,

Yuji Sonoyama"
Kagawa, Japan


"Dear API Hockey PROS,
The Flite Pro Deluxe Goalie Bag just arrived last night... that was fast! Thanks so much... the bag was a hit! 

Melany Haros"
Ontario, Canada


"Dear API Hockey PROS
I received by Flite 3300 hockey gloves today, very nice. I've noticed recently that Flite hockey equipment is some of the best equipment on the market today. Thank you for your service and great internet price.
Thanks Again,

Joe Bazzano"
Farmington, CT, USA


"Hi API Hockey PROS,
Skates arrived today at 7am, by 7:15 my son Dan was wearing them in bed! He has already been using them and said they are more reactive than his Reeboks, which were also causing him a problem with his ankles, much more comfortable and the wheels are super grippy. I tried them on myself but lucky for him they were too small! 
Thankyou for all your help. He's already decided on his next pair of Flites!
kind regards

Karen Picton"
Hertfordshire, England


"API Hockey PROS,,
I received the white and blue CCM HT2 helmets today and they're exactly what I was looking for. I was very pleased with the service that API HOCKEY provided.
Thanks again!

Jon Jones"
Texas, USA


"API Hockey PROS,,
Votre service était agréable, ça n'a pas prit longtemps pour reçevoir ma commande de roues. En plus, je trouve les roues sont excellentes et elles roulent très bien sur le pavé."

Natalie Derasp"
Wellington, PEI, Canada


"Hi API Hockey PROS,
ThanKs for all the help with the Hackva Goalie Mask. Your customer service was excellent! The helmet is all painted up now and looks awesome, fit is sensational! I have one very happy goalie (girlfriend) down here. Thanks again for everything Marco.

Andrew & Sera"


"Hey API Hockey PROS,
I just received the Malkin PRO jersey today. I must say that I am very pleased with it! I think it is also the mark-2 version of the RBK Edge jersey that the players currently wear. Just wanted to thank you for your efforts in sending it out here.
Thank you!"
Nevill Carney
Kanata, Ontario


"My first of many phone calls to API Hockey PROS, began with "OK, I don't know anything about hockey - as you can no doubt tell by my accent - and I need hockey hockey gear for my husband for his birthday and Christmas". API Hockey PROS was awesome. They guided me carefully and thoughtfully through their range of sticks, socks and equipment care. Through no fault of his own, I ordered a RH stick instead of a LH stick. API Hockey PROS gladly accepted my return and issued a prompt replacement. 

Being a small business owner myself, I understand just how important customer service is. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending API Hockey. These people are a pleasure to deal with, and has excellent customer service skills.
My last phone call with Marco ended with "I'll definitely do business with API Hockey pros again".

Isa Webb"
Ontario, Canada


"Thanks again for all of your time in sorting this out. I've tried out my new stick and blade a few times already and they are both exactly what I had been looking for. That's great!! I look forward to doing business with you guys again and again.

Take care,

Geordie Smyth"
Ontario, Canada


"Hi API Hockey PROS,

Well, here is what I would like to say about your company:

I am a very satisfied hockey mom of a 10 year old that loves to play ball hockey. I wanted to get my son some pads that were a bit better than Canadian Tire pads and when I could not find any used youth goalie equipment at a local store or on Craigslist or Kijiji for a reasonable price, I searched the Internet and found Marco's company.

I ordered a pair of ball hockey pads and a full right blocker, not realizing that it was supposed to be worn on my son's left hand. Marco wrote back the next day and explained what a full right blocker was, just in case I had gotten it wrong. What a great job of customer service!!! I was extremely pleased when I got that e-mail as I suspect that many other Internet companies would have just sent me the wrong blocker!!!
When I explained my lack of hockey knowledge and that I had only wanted some ball hockey equipment for my son, API Hockey PROS then offered me a set of used ice hockey pads, a blocker and glove for a very reasonable price and shipped everything immediately! The pads that we received are GREAT! They are much better than ball hockey pads and needless to say, the blocker and glove also fit my son correctly!
Thanks again API Hockey PROS!

SoMei Quan"
Ontario, Canada